GRAY% 品牌 Branding & Product Design

GRAY% 品牌 Branding & Product Design of GRAY%


品牌命名 / 基于对水泥的第一印象“灰色”,和水泥产品的核心技术壁垒——水泥和粘合剂材料配比,这两个核心要素。在品牌的命名中,将灰色“GRAY”和百分比“%”符号并置,来直观的传递水泥产品品牌和技术核心优势。

品牌设计 / Logo的设计将GRAY%所秉承的质朴风格,延续到字体设计细节,呈现出简洁、质朴的直观感受。“%”符号,既是logo名字差异化的识别记忆点,也可以独立使用,作为品牌的超级符号。品牌色彩,以不同百分比的灰色搭配饱和度低的彩色。

GRAY% is a brand of cement creative design products. The GRAY% brand is committed to transforming cement, which is usually considered gray, hard, and rough, into a simple and textured creative lifestyle product with warm feeling through original concept design.

Brand Naming / Based on the first impression of cement "grey", and the core technical barriers of cement products - the ratio of cement and binder materials, these two core elements. Therefore, in the naming of the brand, the color "GRAY" and the symbols "%" are juxtaposed to intuitively convey the core advantages of the cement product brand and technology.

Brand Design / Logo continues the rustic style to the details of the font design, to present the simple and intuitive style. The "%" symbol is not only a distinguishing memory point for the logo name, but can also be used independently as a super symbol of the brand. Brand colors, with different percentages of gray with low saturation colors.