ATEC-2017 大会现场视频 Motion Series

ATEC-2017 大会现场视频 Motion Series

ATEC大会(Ant Technology Exploration Conference)是蚂蚁集团面向全球合作伙伴的前沿技术探索大会,是云栖大会的重要组成之一。

我们为ATEC大会现场,以“致敬图灵”为线索,整体策划并设计了一系列的开场、串场、论坛主题视频等。大会开场,我们选择了人工智能作曲家Aiva谱写的“Piano solo op.11”,钢琴演奏家现场在我们的创作视频的背景下,演奏了此曲。针对圆桌论坛环节,我们策划并拍摄制作了“图灵”与嘉宾隔空问答对话的视频,配合现场矩阵led光柱的灯光效果,完成了“图灵”穿越“光之门”(视频)和论坛全程的“图灵”&嘉宾对话。


ATEC Conference (Ant Technology Exploration Conference) is Ant Group's leading technology exploration conference for global partners, which is one of the important components of the Apsara Conference.

We used "Tribute to Turing" as the clue to curate and design the series of motions for the ATEC conference,. At the beginning of the conference, we chose "Piano solo op.11" which was composed by artificial intelligence composer Aiva, and the pianist performed this piece on the scene of our creative video. For the roundtable forum session, we planned a video of "Turing" and the guests questioning and answering with him in the air. With the light show of the on-site matrix led beam, we completed the "Turing" through the "Gate of Light" (video) and forum the entire "Turing" & guest dialogue.

The concept has won praise from the guests and all parties on site.